Get the inside scoop on Twilio’s acquisition of SendGrid

Live Webinar Recording

Duration: 40 Minutes

Hosts: Pranav Deshpande and Steve Sloan

Twilio SendGrid — one platform for customer engagement.

We’re thrilled to announce the official completion of the SendGrid acquisition on February 1, 2019.

With SendGrid, Twilio provides one platform to manage communications on voice, SMS, video, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE and finally, email.

Topics covered in this webcast:

  • Why Twilio and SendGrid is the perfect combination
  • What this means for existing Twilio and SendGrid products
  • Open questions you may have - the floor is yours

    Presenter Information

    Pranav Deshpande

    Pranav Deshpande leads Product Marketing for Messaging products at Twilio. Previously he was a Solutions Engineer, helping customers design and implement solutions powered by Twilio APIs. He has a Masters in Engineering Management from Duke and a Bachelors in Technology from COEP in India.

    Steve Sloan

    Steve is responsible for leading product strategy, UI/UX, and the development of SendGrid’s product roadmap. Prior to joining SendGrid, Steve led product management for one of AWS’s emerging services and then Marketo's global product organization.