Enabling Digital Conversions at Scale

5 Keys to Driving Growth and Engagement via Email

Duration: 30 Minutes

Hosts: Scott Heimes, Chief Marketing Officer and Kate Schmeisser, Creative Content Manager

When used the right way, email is an incredible tool for businesses looking to engage with their customers and grow their business. Whether you’re new to the world of email (welcome!) or a veteran who’s looking to take a step back and review your overall sending strategy, this webcast is for you!

Join our Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Heimes, as he covers a gamut of topics regarding email, from detailed tips on improving individual emails (we’re talking concise CTAs and including a pre-header) all the way to email globalization, and deliverability rules for reputation management.

    Presenter Information

    Scott Heimes

    Scott Heimes is Chief Marketing Officer at SendGrid, where he is responsible for SendGrid’s brand strategy, driving demand for its solutions, and leading global marketing operations. Scott oversees corporate marketing, demand generation, corporate communications, partnerships and alliances, international expansion and SendGrid’s community development team.

    Kate Schmeisser

    When Kate isn't trying to teach herself the ukelele, make it through the mountain of books on her nightstand, or figure out if they are actually being serious about suggested serving sizes on ice cream, she is the Creative Content Manager.