Email Marketing Automation

It's Easier Than You Think

Duration: 20 minutes of content, 10 minutes of Q&A

Hosts: Molly Friederich and Veronica Hudson

Automation is a part of our everyday life. Roombas keep your floors clean, thermostats regulate the temperature, coffee makers brew on schedule, and your bills practically pay themselves. Despite automation’s pervasiveness, only an average 51% of companies currently use marketing automation. To help your business adopt email marketing automation, we’re going to tear down your barriers and show you how email automation is easier than you think.

Join our email experts as we discuss the ins and outs of email automation. Also, stick around for Q&A at the end to have questions from viewers answered by our email experts!

    Presenter Information

    Molly Friederich

    Molly Friederich is a part of the Product Marketing Team at SendGrid. As a passionate customer advocate, her goal is to help understand and represent the user voice across everything SendGrid does.

    Veronica Hudson

    Veronica Hudson is a Senior Product Manager at Twilio SendGrid with six years of experience in the MarTech space. She joined Twilio SendGrid in 2017 with a focus on building automation for the Marketing Campaigns product. In her free time, Veronica is an avid reader, trivia enthusiast, aspiring home chef and unabashed lover of reality TV.