Email Expedition

Your First Marketing Send

Duration: 46 minutes (35 minutes presentation, 11 minutes Q&A)

Hosts:  Kate Schmeisser, Jill Guest, Seth Charles, Corinne Nagel, Warren Duff

Join our expedition team as we guide you through your first marketing send! From preparation, to content, to design, and delivery, you’re in good hands with our team of subject matter experts.

We’ll explore the four stages of a marketer’s first send:

  • Preparation - How can you set yourself up for success?
  • Content - How will you determine the purpose of your message? What will you say?
  • Design - How can the right design choices make your content stand out?
  • Delivery - What can you do to make sure your message gets delivered? What metrics should you use to judge if your campaign was a success?

    Presenter Information

    Twilio SendGrid

    The Twilio SendGrid Revenue Marketing, Deliverability and Design teams play a complementary and equally important role when it comes to building out marketing campaigns. Contributors from both teams have came together to help you plan your very best email expedition!