Delivery Download 2015

Duration: 30 Minutes

Hosts: Kurt Driver and Kate Schmeisser 

If your email doesn’t make it to the inbox, was it ever sent? Hear Kurt Diver, our Enterprise Delivery Analyst, walk us through the basics of email delivery all the way up to the more advanced sending strategies that he shares when consulting for our high volume clients. Some of the ideas we’ll discuss involve:

  • Legal requirements (a.k.a. the bare minimum)
  • Email jargon demystified: DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and more
  • Segmentation strategies
  • Tools to check your sender reputation
  • SendGrid’s sender mantra
  • And so much more!

    Presenter Information

    Kurt Driver

    After spending 4.5 years with Intuit as an Advanced Technical Support Representative, Kurt joined SendGrid to help our customers keep their mail flowing to the inbox. When not fighting spammers, you can find Kurt with his family in the mountains - camping or hiking.

    Kate Schmeisser

    When Kate isn't trying to teach herself the ukelele, make it through the mountain of books on her nightstand, or figure out if they are actually being serious about suggested serving sizes on ice cream, she is the Content Marketing Associate.