Spring Cleaning

How to Re-invigorate Your Email Marketing Program

Duration: 45 Minutes

Hosts: Erik Ault, Derek Baines, and Matt McFee

It's that time of the year again! We're talking about dusting off the cobwebs and diving head first into the far corners of your email program you haven't tended to in a while. We're teaming up with BriteVerify to talk about email tips regarding:

  • Keeping your email list clean of bad addresses
  • Refreshing your content
  • Updating your templates
  • Tracking email campaigns
  • And more!

    Presenter Information

    SendGrid Email Marketing Experts

    Our superstars from the Customer Success Team, Erik Ault and Derek Baines, have been working to ensure our high volume clients' email programs are rock solid for a combined seven years at SendGrid, and over 25 years in the email industry!

    Matt McFee

    An experienced email guy, Matt McFee spent his early Internet years with 24/7 Media and Yahoo!. Working alongside agencies and direct clients of all sizes prepared him for his current position as Founding Partner of BriteVerify. Presently, Matt leads the BriteVerify team to discover and create innovative solutions to previously ignored email marketing problems.