A Perfect Match: SMS & Email

Keys to Optimization and Testing Success

Duration: 30 minutes

Hosts: Lindsey Weinig and Arvind Rangarajan

With all of the communication channels available to businesses, it’s difficult to choose where to focus your efforts. Utilizing both email and SMS allows businesses to reach their customers exactly as they prefer to be reached and helps to keep them engaged.

Join the discussion around:

  • Criteria to decide which channels to use for certain messages
  • Use cases for leveraging SMS in addition to existing email
  • Examples of Twilio SendGrid customers utilizing both SMS and email

    Presenter Information

    Lindsey Weinig

    As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SendGrid, Lindsey works cross-functionally to bring new products and features to market. When Lindsey isn’t in the office you can find her initiating dance parties with her daughters or discovering new restaurants with her husband.

    Arvind Rangarajan

    Arvind has many years of diverse global experience in developing technology products and commercial solutions. His experience at a variety of companies (Cisco, Broadsoft, Shoretel, etc.) helped him develop strong skills in product management, product marketing, software development and more.