Holiday Sending Hacks

Duration: 30 Minutes

Hosts: Tanya Plaza and Luke Martinez

Join us for an original SendGrid webcast, Holiday Sending Hacks as our two all-star deliverability consultants Luke Martinez and Tanya Plaza share some holiday sending hacks to get your holiday email program off on the right foot. Topics they’ll cover include:

  • Pre-holiday sending tips
  • Importance of preference centers
  • How to save the holiday unsubscribers
  • Email metrics to watch
  • Staying safe during the holidays (phishing/ATO)
  • What blacklist operators do to prepare for the holidays
  • And more!

    Presenter Information

    Tanya Plaza

    Tanya has worked in the email industry for over 5 years and has spent the last 2 focusing on email deliverability at SendGrid. She loves helping customers find their email deliverability "sweet spot" through compliance to make it to the inbox!

    Luke Martinez

    As a delivery consultant, Luke leverages his understanding of marketing best practices, email infrastructure, and the inner workings of the email ecosystem to ensure our senders get the most out of every email they send through SendGrid.